Best VPN for Firestick (2020): The Comprehensive Guide.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best VPN for Firestick that will offer you smooth streaming while maintaining your security.

After testing close to 60 VPN, I’ve found 5 trustworthy best VPN for firestick which will be discussed below

At the end of these post, you will be able to decide on the VPN that is suitable for you.

Let’s get started!

Before starting let’s give a breakdown of what I will be covering

  1. What is Firestick
  2. VPN for firestick
  3. Best VPNs for Fire Stick and Fire TV
  4. Why do you need a VPN for firestick
  5. Are there any free VPN for Firestick?
  6. How to download, install and set up VPN for firestick
  7. Conclusion

1. What is FireStick?

VPN for firestick

FireStick is a flash drive-shaped streaming device that plugs into your TV’s HDML port, connects to your TV and lets you stream content over the internet. It turns your TV into a Smart TV, with “tens of thousands” of streaming video channels.

Amazing right!

FireStick is an Android-based device. However, unlike most Android devices, FireStick does not support Google Play Services. It uses the modified Android OS and supports Amazon Store.

So, it is officially branded as Amazon Fire TV Stick. However, it is more popularly known as just FireStick.

Fire TV Stick adds thousands of channels to your TV. That said, with FireStick, you can stream movies, shows, live TV, and just about anything you can think of.

You can download dozens of apps from the Amazon Store, including the most popular ones, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more.

2. VPN for FireStick

VPN for firestick

Just as any other internet-connected device, the traffic generated from your Fire Stick is visible to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

This is why you should consider using a virtual private network (VPN) to keep your private data out of the reach of ISPs.

A VPN does this by passing your traffic through specialized servers which mask your IP address and encrypt your data, making your activities undetectable

VPNs can also help you access region-locked content in some cases.

Some countries place restrictions on apps and the content you can watch. So, imagine you want to catch up on your favorite show, or watch a football match away from your home but you can’t because you don’t have access to it. This is known as geoblocking.

But with a VPN, it’s easy to bypass these restrictions.

A VPN routes your traffic through specialized servers that mask your IP address and encrypt your data.

This assigns you a new IP address and makes it look like you’re accessing the internet from a country where the content you want for your Fire Stick is not restricted.

With this, you can connect to a server in a country where the content you want to access is available, and stream your favorite shows and movies from anywhere.

Also, with a VPN you can enjoy lightning-fast speeds and uninterrupted streaming. That means no ads, no buffering, and your favorite TV show or movie in the highest quality around.

3. 5 Best VPNs for Fire Stick and Fire TV

Best Amazon Fire TV Stick VPNs include:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • CyberGhostVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Surfshark
ExpressVPN: Best all-round VPN, fastest VPN for Firestick.
VPN for firestick
  • Number of servers: 3,000+
  • Server locations: 160
  • IP addresses: 30,000
  • Maximum devices supported: 5
  • Apps Available: PC, Mac, IOS, Android and Linux
  • Website:
  • Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

ExpressVPN is one of our best VPN for firestick, this is because of its high standard when it comes to speed and security specifically for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

This British Virgin Islands-based provider offers a lot of connection choices by having 3,000+ VPN servers, strategically located in 94 countries.

Recently, ExpressVPN created a version of its app specifically for Fire TV, which is now available through the official app store on your Firestick.

This app can be easily installed and controlled. When you fire it up, the app immediately recommends the location that gives you the best connection speed.

If you have a first-generation Fire TV Stick and want to set up ExpressVPN on your wifi router, ExpressVPN makes custom router firmware you can flash to certain router models, or you can purchase a pre-configured router directly from the company.

With it’s military grade encryption, privacy isn’t an issue as this provider keeps no logs of any kind and accepts Bitcoin as subscription payment, keeping even your payment information concealed.

In our testing, we confirmed that ExpressVPN unblocks Netflix US, BBC iPlayer and a wide range of streaming services.

ExpressVPN also provides a smart DNS proxy solution called MediaStreamer, for those who wish to unblock content without the need to install an app.

In addition to full Amazon Fire TV Stick compatibility, this provider also protects your other devices. Native apps are available for most popular device platforms.

Price plans aren’t the cheapest, but may be worth the added cost for the best possible streaming experience on Fire TV/Fire TV Stick.

ExpressVPN offers an excellent level of technical support, with 24/7 live chat support.

However you can try it risk-free with the 30-day money back guarantee. which allows you to test the full service for up to 30 days, with no restrictions on.


  • Provides native Amazon Fire TV app
  • Super fast servers and connection speeds more than enough for streaming HD video
  • Global server coverage well above the industry average
  • High-grade privacy and security
  • Works well with most streaming services
  • 24/7 live chat support.


  • Simultaneous connection allotment is low
  • Expensive

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CyberGhost- Easy to use VPN for firestick, especially for beginners.
VPN for firestick
  • Number of servers: 5,700+
  • Server locations: 110+
  • IP addresses: N/A
  • Maximum devices supported: 7
  • Apps Available: PC, Mac IOS, Android and Linux
  • Website:
  • Money-back guarantee: 45 DAYS

It is a great choice for beginners because of its ease of use coupled with the fact that it works well with Amazon Fire Stick and provide a Fire TV version of its app.

This Fire TV version of its app, was added recently which you can find and download via the search function on your Firestick or Fire TV Cube.

CyberGhost’s has a global server coverage of 60 countries and allows you to choose a server according to the streaming service you want to unblock, rather than forcing you to choose a location and hope for the best.

This makes it extremely easy to unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and many more. Get the Cyberghost App on Amazon.

No need to worry about privacy because this Romania based VPN uses military-grade encryption, keeping all of your online activities in an encrypted tunnel.

In addition to this encryption, it offers no-logs policy and accepts Bitcoin for subscription fees, which helps keep your payment info anonymous.

CyberGhost offers support for all of the popular device platforms plus it allows up to 7 devices at once can to be connected to the CyberGhost servers using the same login.

You can make use of its 45-day money back guarantee. which allows you to test the full service for up to 45 days, with no restrictions on.


  • Great for first-time VPN users
  • No logs and accepts Bitcoin
  • Use up to seven devices simultaneously


  • Doesn’t unblock all major streaming sites
  • Server coverage could use some improvement

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NordVPN – Most secure VPN for firestick, solid all round
VPN for firestick
  • Number of servers: 5,600+
  • Server locations: 60+
  • IP addresses: N/A
  • Maximum devices supported: 6
  • Apps Available: PC, Mac, IOS, Android and Linux
  • Website:
  • Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

NordVPN is also one of the best VPN for firestick because it works well with Amazon Fire TV Stick and has a compatible app.

This app was recently released and can be downloaded from Amazon on the Firestick or the Fire TV Cube. Just search for NordVPN and it should be the first option.

In addition to an app for the Fire TV, NordVPN also covers your other devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and others.

No need to worry about security for these apps because all of the apps protect your connection with 256-bit encryption.

This Panama-based provider holds to a true zero-logs policy and maintains strong security standards, in addition, accepting Bitcoin to protect your subscription payment information.

Also, a single subscription connects you to six simultaneous connections, and if you need more, you can make use of the provider’s compatibility with a large number of makes and models of routers.

This provider gives tutorials on how to set up your router with a VPN or share the VPN connection from your PC in order to use the service with the Fire Stick.

You can use the 30-day money-back guarantee, or subcribe to the monthly plan, which might be expensive, but the multi-year subscription is fantastic value.


  • Fast connections
  • Provide Fire TV specific app downloadable directly from Amazon
  • Unblocks the majority of streaming services with ease
  • Extensive range of international servers


  • Speeds are sometimes volatile
  • Selecting a specific server is nearly impossible

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IPVanish – Excellent performing VPN for firestick
VPN for firestick
  • Number of servers: 1,300+
  • Server locations: 75
  • IP addresses: 40,000+
  • Maximum devices supported: 10
  • Apps Available: PC, Mac, IOS, Android and Linux
  • Website:
  • Money-back guarantee: 7 DAYS

IPVanish is one of our best VPN for firestick because of its self-owned and -operated VPN servers, which provide dependable, fast connections to its customers.

This VPN also has a dedicated Fire TV app that is easy to setup and use – it launches the app the second the VPN connects.

It has some handy options like automatic IP switching and fastest server optimisation, although note that it doesn’t support the first-generation Fire Stick.

IPVanish doesn’t log any traffic or connection data when you use the service.

This provider owns and operates its 1,200 servers, located in over 60 countries around the globe.

It offers unlimited bandwidth and data for HD video streaming. Strong encryption and a no-logging policy hide your activity from your internet service provider, so your online antics are safe from the prying eyes of interested outsiders.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer any private payment options, such as Bitcoin.

Notwithstanding, you can connect up to 10 devices at once on the same username. Plus this provider also supports Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices.

Those apps provide a handy obfuscation feature that makes your VPN traffic appear to be normal internet traffic.

The three plans offer come with a 7-day money-back guarantee. Your best bet is the yearly subscription which is the most affordable option.


  • A standout favorite among Fire TV Stick and Kodi remote control users
  • Offers 24/7 live chat
  • Offers the required native app for Amazon Fire TV devices
  • 10 simultaneous connections allowed on a single login


  • Money-back guarantee is only 7 days
  • No private payment options
  • Doesn’t reliably unblock Netflix, Hulu

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Surfshark :Dedicated VPN app for firestick
VPN for firestick
  • Number of servers: 1000+
  • Server locations: 60+
  • IP addresses: N/A
  • Maximum devices supported: Unlimited
  • Apps Available: PC, Mac, IOS, Android and Linux
  • Website:
  • Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

It has a dedicated Surfshark app that you can find and quickly download in the menus of the streaming device.
Surfshark operates more than 1,000 servers throughout 60+ countries.

Once active, you don’t need to set up anything as the app is super simple and easy to navigate between servers and countries to settle on the one you need to enjoy your favorite shows and films.

When you talk of security, it has 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch (that automatically stops all traffic when you lose connection suddenly), and protection against DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks.

In addition, Surfshark doesn’t log any personally identifiable information so your activities can’t be traced back to you.

Another important features of Surfshark is its connection to unlimited devices once you have subscribed to it.

So you can get it going on your phone, laptop, router, games console (as well as those of your relatives and friends) and still have the option to use it on your Fire TV Stick too.

Surfshark has iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux apps. Manual installation is required for use with supported internet routers.

You can make use of its 30-day money back guarantee. which allows you to test the full service for up to 30 days, with no restrictions on.


  • Good speeds and unblocking ability
  • Unlimited device Connection
  • Strong security and privacy credentials


  • Some servers faster than others
  • Has a smaller network than some of its rivals.

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4. Why do you need a VPN for Firestick?

You need a VPN for firestick so that your Internet service provider (ISP), government, app developers, hackers, and other organizations can’t monitor and log what you are streaming or downloading.

Just like I have said earlier, a VPN will encrypt your connection to the Internet and create an anonymous connection through a private IP address, which will hide your identity and activity.

A VPN may increase your streaming speeds because many Internet providers impose throttling methods for various apps such as Kodi, Cinema APK, Popcorn Time, Showbox, IPTV, etc.

A VPN will eliminate ISP throttling and allow you to connect at speeds that will stop buffering on the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

Another reason to use a VPN on your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV is to have the option of accessing sites or streams that are only available to people in certain geographical regions.

Internet companies are cracking down on those who use various streaming apps to access video streams that are readily available on the Internet.

Many Internet companies also serve as cable television providers, which means less money for them.

Besides unlocking geo-restricted services, using a VPN gives you the confidence to use streaming apps without worries; your internet traffic is not accessible by prying eyes.

You might not know what sources your Apps are streaming from; so, one of them might give you access to copyrighted or pirated content.

To be on the safe side, use a VPN and stay undetected when streaming content on your Firestick & Fire TV devices.

Your ISP may threaten to sue you or shut down your Internet connection if they don’t like what you are accessing through your Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, or any Internet-connected device.

A VPN service will protect your identity and make it impossible for your ISP, government, hackers, app developers, or any other 3rd party from seeing what you are streaming or downloading.

5. Are there any free VPN for Firestick?


Yes but they all come with limitations.

Most free VPNs service often comes with a hidden price.

If it isn’t getting money from you, then it’s getting funds from someone else sometimes by selling your browsing history, borrowing your bandwidth or injecting ads into the sites you visit.

Most Free VPNs will sell your data to 3rd parties and this is how they make money.

The free Firestick VPNs provide slow download speeds and then they try to up-sell you to their “faster plan”. Beware!!!.

Even so, paying for a VPN isn’t always an option.

There are still best free VPN for Firesticks out there that will offer you smooth streaming while maintaining your security.

VPN like Windscribe VPN is Known for its almost free data cap feature, Windscribe is one of the best free VPN services you can rely on to mask your network accordingly.

The free VPN service has a P2P feature that you can utilize without having to subscribe.

You will be pleased to know that Windscribe VPN has an easy to install app readily available on Amazon Firestick.

But it has free plan limitations: such as 10GB Data usage limit, only 11 number of servers which will lead to slow download speed.

Another best free VPN for firestick is TunnelBear.

The VPN service has an app readily available on Amazon Firestick and can be downloaded and installed.

TunnelBear has some exciting features like multi-login, its compatibility on various platforms, to mention a few.

However, TunnelBear, being a free VPN, it has several cons. For instance, it offers a limited number of servers for the free version. It also caps your bandwidth at 500 Mbs.

You can get an extra 1 GB by tweeting about them, but that only brings to 1.5 GB a month. This greatly limits what you can stream.

Therefore, Using a paid service is the best, with a premium VPN, you can also enjoy many other benefits such as enhanced privacy, unlimited bandwidth, and an HD stream free from buffering.

6. How to download, install and set up VPN for firestick

VPN for firestick

Installing a VPN on a Fire Stick can be a bit difficult in some cases, but don’t worry; we take you through every step of the process.

  • The easiest way to download and install a VPN on your Fire Stick is via the Fire TV Stick’s built-in Apps section.
  • Simply navigate to the Categories > Utilities section of the Apps menu or type in “VPN” via the Search bar.
  • Choose your desired VPN available
  • To install any one of these apps, navigate to the app details page and then click the download button.
  • Installing should take no longer than a couple of minutes. Whatever app you choose should work the same as it does on any other platform.

Now to Use a VPN for firestick

  • Log into the installed VPN app.
  • Select a VPN server located nearest to the streaming content you’d like to access.
  • Load the streaming app of your choice.
  • Settle in for a bingeing session!
  • The Amazon Fire TV Stick is easy to set up and use.
  • Just plug it into your TV and use its included remote control to complete the setup.

How to install a VPN from the android Apk.

  • Navigate to Settings > Device > Developer Options and enable the Allow Apps from Unknown Sources option.
  • Navigate to the Search interface and type in Downloader.
  • Install Downloader.
  • Launch Downloader.
  • On the app’s main page, select the URL bar and type in
  • Hit the Download .apk button
  • Launch the installer and follow all the prompts.
  • Navigate to Settings > Device > Developer Options and disable the Allow Apps from Unknown Sources option.

7. Conclusion

To maintain privacy, it’s best to install a VPN for your Firestick.

Access thousands of geo-restricted libraries, watch shows and movies uninterrupted from ads or buffering, and keep your data private when doing so.

Also, try to avoid the use of free VPN especially those that were not recommended, instead you can try the 30/45 days money back guarantee of the best VPN for firestick mentioned above to test the provider before full commitment.

We come the the end of our guide on Best VPN for firestick

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